Zero-Calorie Chocolate Could Become A Reality

Zero Calorie Chocolate

Like every other woman on the face of the planet, I love chocolate. I’m not talking about the “I only crave chocolate on my period” or “I limit myself to a 1 ounce sliver of 70 percent dark chocolate per day” type of love. I’m talking about full on, unconditional, I’ve-already-been-to-the-Hershey’s-factory-twice-this-year type of love. So you can only imagine my reaction to the news that I will soon be able to eat all the chocolate I want without a single shred of remorse. How, you ask? Zero calorie chocolate. That’s how.

Calorie Free Chocolate Cravings are edible films infused with milk chocolate flavor. Much like Listerine strips, the sugar free, zero calorie invention dissolves in your mouth, supposedly satisfying your sweet tooth soon after. The creator, a 27-year-old Californian named Ian Goldfarb, said he chose chocolate as a launch flavor because it is the “most craved” junk food, according to a Wall Street Journal infographic. He hopes the product will allow all types of consumers to “fulfill cravings and enjoy the flavor of life.”

Although he already has a manufacturer in place, Goldfarb still needs to raise a little more than $20,000 to reach the $40,000 benchmark needed to jumpstart the mass production process. If chocolate gets made, Goldfarb said the other possibilities are endless–he has already brainstormed other flavors, including pizza, hamburgers, French fries, popcorn, and ice cream.

I feel like I’ve just won the golden ticket of life.

[via ABC, Fox, NY Daily]

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