Zappos Wants To Give You A Free Dog Or Cat This Weekend


Your Thanksgiving Weekend is about to get a whole hell of a lot better thanks to the online store, Zappos. is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society to cover the costs of dog and cat adoptions at 150 rescue centers across the country, meaning you get a free rescue animal. Not only that, but for every animal adopted, Zappos is committed to donating an additional $150 to save another pet that is waiting for a home.

This is great news for me, but terrible news for my roommate. I’ve been asking her for months if we can get pets and she continually tells me no. But like, how can one say no to not only a free animal, but a free, rescue animal. Looks like my roomie is in for a surprise come Monday.

In all seriousness, this is a great promotion that will hopefully provide homes to hundreds of animals. The associated hashtag with the event is #Pawlidayz, so even if you can’t give a home to an animal, you can still revel in all the cuteness. The puppy steal is running Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

For more information as well as adoption sites, visit

[via CBS]

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