Zac Efron Goes To Rehab For Cocaine Addiction After Starring As Frat Boy

Zac Efron isn’t just pretty, you guys. He’s fun, too!

During the filming of Neighbors, the Seth Rogen film in which a suburban family finds themselves amid a prank war with the frat house next door, Efron really took his role to heart. He let his cocaine problem spiral out of control. After a “coke rager” in Vegas, during which Efron and friends caused $50,000 in damages, he did a stint in rehab, which he just completed.

Sources tell TMZ that it was “Common knowledge [Zac] was struggling with cocaine,” though he also dabbled in molly, so I’m confused why nobody heard about it until now. I like my child stars with obviously tortured souls a la Lohan. Aren’t we supposed to see you slowly approaching your demise before you enter rehab for your ultimate Hollywood comeback? Either way, I think drugs were a great career move for the High School Musical star. He ditched that annoying Vanessa Hudgens character (who’s now the star of a HORRIBLE reality TV show about her best friendship with the way-less-relevant Ashley Tisdale, if you’re interested), and has now shown the world he’s ready to party. I’d party with Zac.

His representatives were contacted, but “Don’t think [they’ll] be making a comment.”

[via TMZ]

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