You’ve Got See Amy Schumer As Your Favorite Disney Princess


Amy Schumer is on top of the world right now. She starred in this summer’s best movie, she might be engaged to Bradley Cooper, she just wrapped up an hour long HBO special. She’s basically America’s princess..

And if you didn’t already see her as such, now you can. The internet is filed with “Disney Princesses As Blah Blah Blah,” but this one is truly the best. What’s not to love here? Now if we could get these made into full movies, that would surely be an instant classic.

Here’s Amy as Princess Belle. I feel like Amy probably wouldn’t have been so chill with being held captive as Belle was.



Ah yes, Amy as Cinderella. She’s probably wondering why TF her shoes are made of glass and not Dr. Scholls.    elitedaily-amyschumercinderella

Amy as Princess Jasmine drinks a whole lot of merlot to put of with the mess that is her dad (don’t we all?).


Mermaid Amy coming up for air — and wine.


A girl worth fighting for.


elitedaily-amyschumermulan2Sleeping Amy chillin’ with some woodland peeps.

elitedaily-amyschumersleepingbPocahontas Amy and John Smith bonding over how they have the same colorist.


Okay, let’s end all these Disney princess makeovers now.

[via Elite Daily]

Images via Katie Corvino for Elite Daily

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