Your Major Actually Correlates With How Much Sex You’re Having

Your Major Actually Correlates With How Much Sex You're Having

Are you a computer science major? Are you a virgin? Was that question a little “too much, too soon” for your tastes? I apologize, but I’m asking in the name of science. Specifically, the recent survey conducted by British student newspaper The Tab that finds that arts students have the most sex, while sad little science students are more likely to be virgins. Ironic, since biology students take entire classes about the process of sexual reproduction.

According to the Huffington Post, The Tab asked roughly 12,000 British students about their sexual habits and then broke the students demographics down by major. They found that only one percent of fine art and sociology students were virgins, whereas ten percent of computer science and hard science majors were spending their nights alone, clutching at a throw pillow, wishing it had a warm, beating heat.

This is yet another lovely study that probably didn’t really need to be conducted. Like, yes, hi, of course fine arts and sociology majors are doing it more. Do you know who much free time sociology majors have? I took a sociology class once and was able to participate in an hour-long in-class debate despite never having done the reading. Sociology is just stuff you already know. I highly recommend it as a major.

As for the science major stuff, also unsurprising. None of my ex-boyfriends were science majors. So.

[via Huffington Post]

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