Your Current Mental State Before Graduation: 1 Month Out


Graduation. The G Word. Just thinking about it makes me gag. Sadly, it is a fate that is far too quickly approaching us all. For some of us, the end of the world as we know it is in roughly one month. If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to stay a bit longer, buckle up and enjoy your time now, because the worst is yet to come!

Current Life Status:

The end of the semester is always a really rough time for everyone since the schoolwork that’s been piling up all semester finally needs to be turned in. You’re probably way more focused on finishing everything and making sure you’re actually able to graduate instead of freaking out about actual graduation. Most of your classes are about to wrap up, and you’re so close to having no responsibilities that you can almost taste it. Hopefully, you have a better idea by now about what your next steps are. If you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to feel that relief, congrats. Once you figure out what you’re doing next, you start planning and googling and pinning, and you get pretty pumped up about it. You’re excited for the next chapter in life and you want the whole world to know it! You’ve definitely posted a status about how you are ~so excited~ for your job/internship/grad school/whatever. You’re walking on sunshine, except for one thing: you hate everyone. Like I said, it’s a stressful time in the semester, everyone is in a slump, and everyone else might not have a next step yet. The vibes are weird and everyone’s got an inexplicable attitude. Tensions are running really high since everyone’s in a weird mood at this point. While some people want to hold all of their friends super close and never let go, others are over dealing with all the bullshit and don’t really care if any bridges are burned. This especially sucks if you’re the hugging-and-holding-close type.

Mental Spirit Animal:

Either Dave Chappelle saying “Fuck ‘em!” to literally everyone, or the girl who doesn’t even go here from Mean Girls who just wanted to bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and have everyone eat it and be happy.

How To Deal:

Don’t let all the weird vibes and drama make you resentful. If you’ve got some friends who are being distant, address it. Odds are, they’re probably just stressed out and scared, especially if they haven’t figured out their postgrad plans yet. Do what you can to help them out and be there for them and comfort them. Plan some fun stuff that you’ve all been meaning to do and never got around to. Bring everyone back together. No one actually wants to close their college career by having a bad attitude and losing friends. No one! Everyone’s going to make it through that slump, and if you can be the facilitator of that, all the better. Just be patient while everyone figures themselves out. It will all come back together soon.

Theme Music:

The Lumineers or something mellow like that, punctuated by whatever music makes you happiest. Just because everyone else is losing their chill doesn’t mean you have to. Mellow out, then pump yourself up. There’s nothing wrong with looking forward to your future.

Recommended Beverage:

A lovely boxed wine to go with those chill vibes. Wine drunk is a happy drunk.

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PlattyBlonde is a senior who divides her time responsibly between cheap alcohol, bad boys, and worrying about her hair.

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