You’ll Never Let Go Of These College Traditions

I'll Never Let Go

Graduating college is one of the most overwhelming milestones you will ever face. In the last four (or six, whatever) years, you have probably created a pretty nice world for yourself. The professors know you by name, the fraternities love you for your baking and your partying, and the sorority is your life. But, once you graduate, you graduate from that world, too. I mean, it still exists. You’re just no longer allowed in it.

However, there are some things that a true sorority woman will just never be able to leave behind.

1. The Sorority Pose
In 15 years at your high school reunion, you will still bend your knee and pop out that elbow. I don’t care what anyone says. It’s flattering.

2. Tanks And Yoga Pants
This one is right on the border, I’ll admit. You should probably not be a 50-year-old woman sporting your old sorority tanks. However, I’m not 50. I won’t be for a very long time, so you will not be able to pry me out of these on the weekends.

3. Squealing
As much as we all try to deny it, it is our nature. Sorority women from 18 to 60 still have various forms of squealing when they see a pledge sister after an extended period of time. I see no problem with this. The rest of the world might, but when have we let that stop us before?

4. Being “Daddy’s Girl” 
Once a daddy’s girl, always a daddy’s girl. I still get Valentine’s Day cards and Easter baskets, and I’m expected to call him every time I drive somewhere that will take an hour or longer. He still tells me when it’s time to change my oil or get new tires. It was cliché and cute in college. Now that I’m older, people make more snide comments toward me, but I take them in stride. I was blessed enough to have a man in my life who truly cares–without having to wait until I was old enough to fall in love. Why would I turn my back on that?

5. Reliving Our Glory Days
As soon as a group of at least three sorority women get together, old stories are bound to come out. I’ve heard the story of my 21st birthday celebration at least five times. Once, I heard a story about myself from a pledge who didn’t realize she was talking to the main character of this epic night. I love reminiscing. It’s not only hilarious to tease a sister, but it’s fun to see how far you’ve come. The glory days are well in the past, as they should be, but you’ll always have them.

6. Our Letters 
After a long semester of being a pledge, we took a vow to our respective sororities. Then, we spent the next four years falling in love with it. We learned more about our letters, our ritual, our sisters, and ourselves. The kind of commitment and passion it takes to survive a sorority doesn’t go away as soon as we get a college diploma. I would say, in fact, that it actually strengthens us. Now, we get to become involved as alumni, and we get to do our best to make sure that the girls just like us don’t let go either.

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20-something alumnae. She worked as a high school English teacher for a couple of years, but couldn't handle the lack of messy buns and yoga pants. Now she's headed back to the world she understands best: college. Graduate school this time, but she's still hoping to make a comeback with Sunday Fundays and Whiskey Wednesdays.

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