You’ll Actually Get Better Grades If You Have A Hot Teacher

Hot Teacher Better Grades

Ever since the series premiere of Pretty Little Liars several years ago, I have dreamed of having a hot teacher. While none of my male teachers ever hit the mark, I imagined a world in which my college algebra teacher was a six-foot-tall, dark-haired, Ray-Ban clad nerd in disguise. As it turns out, having a hot teacher would be awesome, not only for daydreaming in class, but for my GPA as well. Thanks to a new study, we now know that having a hot teacher actually makes you get better grades.

University of Nevada researchers conducted an experiment to determine whether the amount of information students retain during a lecture is determined by the professor’s attractiveness, and the results were a resounding yes.

Students were separated into different rooms to listen to pre-recorded physics lectures while being shown a picture of the lecturer and were then given a 25-question quiz. Students who listened to who they thought was a hot teacher scored an average of 18.27 out of 25, while students who listened to, well, what you would imagine your average physics professor to look like, scored an average of 16.68, or a total of 6.36 percentage points, which could easily make the difference in a letter grade.

On top of this, the students had other educational benefits apart from a better grade – they may have actually learned something from their hot teachers. Shocking, I know. While I would have predicted that students with hot teachers would have been more distracted and learned less information, the research showed that students actually found their attractive professors “more motivating, easier to follow and possessed of greater health, intelligence and competence.”

So for all of you with hot teachers, congratulations, because you just hit the lottery. Here’s hoping you can pull off an Ezra-Aria relationship and make everyone you know insanely jealous. For the rest of us, not to worry – you finally have an excuse you can bring home to mom and dad for your poor grades. Just tell them that you lost your academic scholarship because your teachers weren’t hot enough. They’ll totally believe it – it’s science.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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