You Should Be Bragging About Your Sex Life


There are many things girls are told to be proud of: good grades, good hair, good friends, good looks, etc. If you have any of these – flaunt them. Post selfies of your beautiful waves, don’t shut up about how much your friends are there for you, and be damn sure to tell everyone you got an A on that bio exam. These topics will make everyone happy and content and fucking delusional.

Because the fact of the matter is, there’s an uncovered skill that women are told not to be proud of. Something that takes confidence, balance, talent, honestly probably more talent than all the other skills above, but isn’t valued the same. Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you, it’s time to be proud of your work in bed. I think your sex life is something that you should be proud enough to brag about.

Let’s be honest: not everyone has game. Your average, basic girl isn’t going to be a freak in the sheets. She isn’t going to get some whenever she pleases. She can’t reel boys in and take them for a test drive. It’s a skill some girls will just never acquire. Therefore, it deserves the acknowledgment that other hard to attain talents get. There are girls who can do calculus with a breeze, who can bake cakes like professionals, and there are those who can fuck like no other. All are entitled to the recognition they deserve.

It’s not easy to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. To go up to a boy and give it your all. There will be times you’ll be rejected. There will be times you’ll be embarrassed. Not everyone is cut out for the hardcore lifestyle of getting guys to fulfill their whims. Lucky are the girls who are approached by men and all is happy in their lives. It’s not like that for all of us. Some have to go out and get what they deserve.

There are people out there who try to act like getting laid is easy. “Oh, girls don’t even have to try. They don’t deserve the credit.” Bullshit. It’s an entirely different game for girls to get laid. They have to cross a ton of boundaries and manage a ton of risk to have sex. Girls can get pregnant, have an estrogen-induced heartbreak, and a million stereotypes labeled to their forehead when they decide to have sex. They’ve got so much more to lose. Therefore, they deserve so much more credit for having the courage and confidence not to give a fuck.

When I say “brag about your sex life,” I mean not to be ashamed of it. Bring it up in conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk about your opinions on it. It’s time that sex not be such an uneasy topic. Tell your friends who you laid this weekend. Let them ask questions and make it a normal topic. Life is too short to confine your sex thoughts in your head or a journal or anything stupid like that. You like to get some and it’s time you were damn proud of it.

To all the girls that are getting laid — whether you have a man locked down or just a guy for the weekends: good for you. Let your voice be heard. Let your girls know what they’re missing out on. Brag about where, when, and how often. Sure, there will be bitter bitches who just don’t want to hear it from you anymore. Don’t let them get you down. Life tends to screw us all. You might as well let everyone know you’re screwing it right back.

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Blackout_B (@b_m4rie) enjoys drinking beer by the gallon and making memories she'll never actually remember. When she isn't embarrassing herself by making out with randos on the dance floor, you can find her pretending it's normal to drink a glass of wine with breakfast every day. It's fun to sit down with her on Sunday mornings and hear how fucked up her weekend was.

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