You Can Win $5,000 For Having “The Worlds Prettiest Vagina” Because Guys Are Disgusting

Vagina Contest

Do you have some pesky bills that need to be paid? Do you hate actually working for your money? Do you have a beautiful vagina and very few morals? If so, you’re in luck! A man named Brian Sloan is hosting a contest to find, you guessed it, the worlds most beautiful vagina.

According to his promotional video, Brian wants to find the perfect vagina for his upcoming product: a RoboTwat, a fleshy piece of plastic that lonely guys can jerk off into. And guess what?! You can be the vaginal inspiration! How it works is you take a picture of your vag and upload it to his site. From there, people vote on how pretty it is (from “Not Hot” to “Super Hot”). Then the top three winners will receive a trip to Los Angeles as well as cash prizes up to $5,000. Once you get to LA, he’ll create a 3D print of your lady parts to replicate and sell. Just think about it, guys from all over the world will fuck your plastic vag for the going price of five grand and your integrity! It’s just what your parents always wanted for you.

But if that doesn’t convince you, the full three minute video will surly make you wanna drop trow. He includes some spot-on visual replicas of vaginas using deli meat that you just HAVE to see.

Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest from Letsgasm! on Vimeo.

Well ladies, as he said, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and show your vagina for money while you still have time! The contest closes on July 10th so until then, put your sexy Snapchatting on hold. Do something good for yourself, for all of the gross, horny men out there who can’t get laid, and most importantly, do it for your vagina. After everything she’s done for you, she deserves this.

Ugh. Guys fucking suck.

[via Vagina Contest, h/t Elite Daily]

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