You Can Officially Put A Personalized Robotic Wine Mixer On Your Christmas List This Year


Do you ever get to the wine aisle in the grocery store and get absolutely overwhelmed? Me too. Do I prefer Cabernet or Merlot? What’s the difference in a bottle of wine that costs $6 and one that costs $10? If I think a bottle of wine tastes good on its own, will it still taste good with what I eat for dinner? And seriously, how can I possibly commit to spending $9 on wine that I really don’t even know is going to taste good? At the end of the day, I have the best of intentions when it comes to purchasing wine, but somehow I always ending up going for the safe option and heading home with a box of Sunset Blush to last me until the next time I attempt to purchase wine in an actual bottle.

Well, no more. Your worries about wasting money on a bottle of wine that you won’t even like are now officially over, because some absolutely genius scientists from Cambridge Consultants have created a robot that mixes a wine blend suited exactly to your tastes. Yes. Please. The Vinfusion Wine Robot works by holding a reservoir of Shiraz, Cabernet, Muscat, and, my personal favorite, Pinot Noir, and blends them exactly to your preference. The wine robot consists of mechanical pumps and buttons, which you can easily install below your bar, a blender that looks like a standard, sleek aerator, and an app that you pair with your bot to select your perfect blend. If you’re looking to pair your wine with your meal, Vinfusion will create a blend for you. If you want a blend of your own without any food, Vinfusion will do that too – just select how full, spicy, and sweet you’d like your wine to be, and you’ll have the perfect glass in absolutely no time flat.

This technology of our dreams has been developed but is waiting to be sold by Cambridge Consultants to a third party to put it on the shelves and in our kitchens, so seriously, for those of you with rich dads, see if you can sell him on this amazing new investment opportunity. For the rest of us, we may have to wait a little while, but honestly, it sounds like it’ll definitely be worth it. I suppose for now I can take my chances with strange new bottles, but until I muster up enough courage, it looks like Franzia and I will be together just a little bit longer.

[via Engadget]

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