You Can Now Use Your Toilet Paper To Curl Your Hair

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As someone with naturally curly hair (I’m talking corkscrew curls), I’ve never understood the struggle of trying to curl your hair. It baffles me when my straight haired friends spend hours curling their hair, only to have it go flat after twenty minutes. The drastic measures they take to get a good curl is crazy. There’s the curling iron, flat iron, hair rollers and braids. I’ve even seen a girl cut up an old t-shirt and wrap strands of wet hair in the strips to achieve curly perfection.

To add to this madness, beauty vlogger Nicole Skyes has found a way to curl your hair with toilet paper. Can we just take a second to think about that? Forgot the fact that she uses a product we use on our asses. Think about how much more money you’re going to spend on toilet paper. I’m broke and hardly have enough money to buy three rolls. I can’t go putting it in my hair when I could be using it for shittier situations…

From her video, it doesn’t look like the makeshift rollers stay in very well. Although I have to hand it to her, they don’t look half bad. At least they’re not just waves and she’s claiming their real curls (you know who you are). I have a high standard for curls though. Did I mention my corkscrews? Think Shirley Temple hair, only brunette.

Her reasoning for this method is that it saves your hair from the heat. I can totally get behind that. Even one percent humidity in the air and my hair is done for. I’m just not sure I would go to such lengths for something as simple as curls. Of course, it comes down to personal preference. Do you care that you have toilet paper in your hair and that it may not come out exactly how you want? If not then go for it. If you’re in a rush and want to make sure you get that perfect curl, I’d stick with the curling iron.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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