You Can Now Take Classes To Learn How To Become A Mermaid

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As little girls, there were things we all wanted to be. Princesses, mommies, and dolphin trainers were on many lists, but the one that always topped the chart was mermaids. We would splash around in our kiddie pools, legs together, letting our hair flow behind us, pretending that we were friends with Ariel and her under the sea sisters. Well, thanks to the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, our childhood dreams can finally become a reality.

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Kids and adults, males and females alike — this place doesn’t discriminate — can enroll in mermaid school. Classes include rental of a mermaid tail, and classes can be held at the beach, lake, pool, or any other adequately sized body of water that suits your inner mermaid’s swimming needs. The classes you’ll take to become the more attractive, less ginger version of Ariel include Introduction to Mermaid Swimming, Mermaid Snorkeling, Mermaid Scuba Diving, Mermaid Fitness, and Modern Mermaid. If you want all the looks of a mermaid without getting your hair wet, you can even sign up for a Mermaid Makeover class, where a professional will work with you to design your ideal mermaid look, style you, and then give you a photo shoot as the mystical creature of your dreams. In Introduction to Mermaid Swimming, Mermaid Snorkeling, and Mermaid Scuba Diving, you’ll get all of the basics of mermaid motion down pat (as if you haven’t practiced enough in your bathtub already). And if you’re a modern lady who thinks old school mermaids are just a tad out of style, you can sign up for the Modern Mermaid course which teaches you to explore the deep blue sea by water scooter.

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Prices range from a little over $10 for a 90 minute fitness session, all the way up to $80 for Mermaid Snorkeling. That’s right, ladies, you don’t even have to use FAFSA. Learning how to be a mermaid has never been more fun or affordable. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rent my tail. Do you know if it comes in pink glitter?

[via Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy]

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