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Most sororities hold chapter once a week, and during these informative meetings–you know, time used to plan socials, judge fraternities, brag about sisters who are winning at life, and passive aggressively shame those who mess up ritual–sisters have the opportunity to chime in about important news and events. Sometimes the talk is even juicier than Bradley Cooper shirtless on the beach. Other times, these extra announcements can be a total bore and a complete waste of time. Hello, I have an entire bottle of wine at my apartment that I’ve neglected, so let’s speed up this powwow. We sorority girls are known for loving the sound of our own voice–or is that just me? Anyway, I have some news that is definitely worth sharing to the masses at chapter. Or anywhere for that matter. News just dropped that there are several new third party apps that make it possible for you to save Snapchats without notification. I’ll give you a few moments to not pass out in the middle of sipping your Starbucks.

I may be losing my pretty little hair bowed head over this bit of info, but for the sake of every sorority girl out there who likes to send suggestive Snapchats, pump the brakes on your wedges before you end up on one of those tacky websites that showcases sorority girls gone wild, thanks to the bro who decided to share your “sexy” pic…again. I thought Snapchat was sacred–a special place where drunk boys and girls could go to send one second tit and dick pics to their romantic hopefuls, or just to say hey via #selfie. Now we have to worry about our photos being saved without that fearful notification that someone took a screenshot? Not fair. Before I get too emotional, I’ll go into the details of this sneaky bitch of an app. At least that way, we’ll know what we’re up against.


The app is called Snapchat Save Pic. This app will completely replace your Snapchat app on your cell and it looks extremely similar. You won’t notice a difference in the app until you get to the snap viewing screen. Instead of the normal Snapchat icon, you’ll see a small troll-like face and a download button. When you press the troll face, it will send a message to the sender that his or her Snapchat has been opened. If you click the download button, the video or picture in the Snapchat that you view will be saved. It also automatically saves all of your sent snaps so you can go back and view your own again. This will only work if you sign into Save Pic before viewing the Snapchat in the original app, of course.


The app is called Snap Save and it’s appearance and function is different than Save Pic. In order to save snaps within this app, you have to upgrade to “pro” for $2.99. Apparently there are some big spenders out there trying to creep. But with the free version, you can still automatically cache each snap for unlimited views within the app. All you have to do is log in and you’ll see your normal Snapchat timeline. By using Snap Save, all of the messages you open can be saved for viewing at a later time. Even though you can’t save any snaps to your photo app with the free version, you are given several “grace” screenshots for incentive to drop the $2.99.

Now that these are out there, all I have to say is Snapchat at your own risk, ladies. It was fun while it lasted.

[via Yahoo]

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Wine2TheRescue is a legal marketing pro & blogger out of Washington, D.C. but is originally a sorority girl out of Northwest Florida. As a recent graduate and expert twenty-something, she spends most of her time trying to balance her work schedule with her daily required wine intake. It's a struggle she's learning to manage, but nothing she can't lean on her sisters for help with. She is also a contributing writer for Total Sorority Move and Post Grad Problems.

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