You Can Now Order Pizza With The Quite Literal Click Of A Button

You Can Now Order Pizza With The Quite Literal Click Of A Button

Your postgames just got infinitely more delicious and cheesy, because now you can order pizza with just the push of a button. I can almost hear the inches being added to my waistline and I don’t even care. Leggings year round, here I come!

An Italian startup company called La Comanda has developed the pizza-button-magnet prototype, aptly called Click’N’Pizza. The device syncs up to wi-fi and allows you to simply press it to place a pizza order. Once placed, the Click’N’Pizza can tell you the status of your order and how long until it’s delivered to you and your BFF, Netflix. La Comanda has even tentatively secured a deal with Pizza Hut that will allegedly allow customers the option to use the device as early as sometime this summer. The prototype was first introduced to the public earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. I imagine that the audience flipped the fuck out, screamed, and then wept with happiness at the announcement. Oh, wait — sorry! That was actually just me who did that.

Now, while the idea sounds super cool and drool-worthy, it’s worth pointing out that the device isn’t so much an app as it is a timer. See, in order to start your order and truly customize it (i.e. add five sides of ranch and a couple orders of cheesy bread) you still need to use a restaurant’s website. You only push the Click’N’Pizza to actually place your order, select a type of pizza, and gauge when you should put on pants in order to greet the delivery guy.

That being said, I fully support anything that reduces human contact while simultaneously allowing me to eat my feelings as I watch “Gilmore Girls” for the umpteenth time. God bless you, Click’N’Pizza.

[via Elite Daily]

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