You Can Now Officially Live At Disney World


If you’ve ever been skipping along during a beautiful day at Disney World, holding hands with one of your sisters and scarfing down a churro with the other, wondering if it were possible to never leave, you’re not alone. Walking out of the park at closing time with your head aching from the weight of your Mickey Mouse ears is the saddest time ever. Leaving Disney World means going back to school, or your job, or any number of other terrible places.

Now, as long as you’re willing to shell out a few bucks (more than a few, actually, since homes start at around two million), you can officially live at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in a community located on Disney property called Golden Oak. The community of Golden Oak has started offering single-family homes in four of its neighborhoods, and apparently two are already sold out despite the insane price tag. So if you’ve got a birthday coming up or something, I’d recommend asking sooner rather than later as a little splurge.

On top of living in the park grounds, the property also comes with acceptance into the Golden Oak Club, featuring perks like 24/7 concierge service and all-exclusive events that I’m sure include Disney characters of some sort (just speculation). Plus, you know, a free shuttle service to the park. Meanwhile I can’t even afford a season pass, so I’m going to turn my playlist on and keep wishing until the happiest place on Earth starts accepting payment plans. A girl can still dream, right?

[via Cosmopolitan, Golden Oak Club]

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