You Can Now Literally Major In Funny Business

You Can Now Literally Major In Funny Business

Goobers, jokesters, and class clowns everywhere rejoice: you can now get a major in making people laugh. Beginning Fall 2016, Emerson College will now be offering students the option to major in “Comedic Arts.” It totally makes sense, and I’m surprised no one offered it sooner. Martie Cook, Emerson’s associate chairwoman of visual and media arts department explains it perfectly.

They live in a world that’s comedy based,” she said. “Look at how they get their news: They don’t turn on network news, they go to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, places like that. Everything is comedy driven. Comedy is just hotter than it’s ever been.

The university, who has famous alumni like Jennifer Coolidge, Jay Leno, Denis Leary, and Iliza Shlesinger, looks like they know the ~art~ of comedy. The school even honored Ron Burgundy, not Will Ferrell, and renamed their School of Communication (for one day) the “Ron Burgundy School of Communication.”

Before you overnight in your transfer paperwork to try and get the easiest blow-off degree, turns out there is a little work involved. Students will learn sitcom writing, history of comedy, performance of sketch comedy, writing for stage, editing, and the art and theory of laughter. Although, no promises on whether that will stop your relatives from asking when you’re going to “do something serious with your life.”

[via The Boston Globe]

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