You Can Now Have A Coloring Book Made Entirely Of Your Instagram Pictures

coloring book

This generation has been accused of being narcissistic, childish, and frivolous with money, and I would disagree with that if it weren’t entirely true. If our incessant selfies didn’t make us look self-obsessed enough, we can now send those selfies to the fine people at Color Me Book and they will turn them into your own personalized coloring book.

No longer will be having to spend our time coloring pictures of things that do not excite us. No longer will we have to slave over sketches of animals or decorate doodles like the notes you take in class. We can stare deep into our own eyes as we color them Robin’s Egg blue, or even cerulean. This past holiday season, the number one gift for entitled millennials with too much time on their hands was adult coloring books, but this coming season we can return the favor by giving others the gift of adult coloring books as well as the gift of our aesthetically pleasing appearance.

There are so many possibilities. I can only imagine how many pet-obsessed patrons will send in their puppy portraits to add to their shrine. Or hippies sending in pictures of their walk through the woods that day and then color it all a different color once the shrooms kick in. Or sorority girls using them during recruitment as a conversation piece. Or even, dare I say, dick pics. *shudder*

These are absolutely ridiculous. But if you need me, I’ll be in my room coloring my latest selfie. I’m trying to see what I would look like as a redhead.

[via Color Me Book]

Image via Color Me Book

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