You Can Now Get Your Community Service Out Of The Way Thanks To Snapchat


I love the idea of philanthropy, I really do. I want to help the world become a more beautiful place and really give to those in need. I go on the animal shelter website at least once a month and convince myself that this time I’m actually going to sign up to volunteer. I pictured myself at the soup kitchen, making friends with an extremely talented and wise artist who is just “down on his luck.” I imagine going to nursing homes and comforting an old (rich) woman who has no family (to give her money to) and just wants to be loved (and find someone to leave her giant estate and millions to).

But the only problem is, I am the absolute laziest person in the world. So when it all comes down to it, I never do anything to help anyone else. I know. I’m the worst.

Today however, we can actually save the world without really doing anything. Finally, some realistic charity work.

According to Recode,

Bono’s AIDS-fighting organization (RED) is partnering with Snapchat to offer three special photo filters on World AIDS Day Tuesday, an international effort to show support for people with HIV and raise money for organizations fighting AIDS.

So today, on World AIDs Day, we can do some charity work without actually doing work. According to the article, every time you send a Snapchat with one of the (RED) filters, “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $3 to the organization’s fight against AIDS.”

Which is great. Because we’re going to take dumb pictures of our faces/our cats/and our Starbs anyways. Might as well help people while doing it without actually doing anything. The Gates Foundation will donate up to $3 million dollars in 24 hours so get snapping. And hey, maybe if we’re lucky we can count this as service hours. At least now our selfies will be good for something.

[via Recode]

Image via Snapchat / Recode

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