You Can Now Channel Your Inner Corinne And Sleep In Public At A Nap Café

You Can Now Channel Your Inner Corinne And Sleep In Public At A Nap Café

While The Bachelor usually showcases the worst of humanity in every possible light, this season had one public service improvement: the reintroduction of napping into adult culture. Thanks to our favorite Bachelor star Corinne, it’s become publicly acceptable – and even desired – to start taking naps again, which is a change I can totally get behind. However, unless your only job is pimping yourself out on reality TV, it can be a little difficult to fit a nap into your daily schedule. Luckily for you, things are about to change. Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, and Corinne Olympios took naps, and now, you too can be among the legends.

Tokyo just opened their first nap café, which is a trend I can only hope makes it over to the U.S. ASAP. Nescafe Harajuku just started a popup nap area in their existing coffee shop, which I can only assume boosted sales of their decaf blends by at least a thousand percent. For two hours you can reserve a luxury mattress to take a midday nap which comes with headphones to block out nearby job interviews and a special dim light specifically designed to put you right to sleep.

Since my biggest complaint about going out in public is having to leave my bed, this is basically a dream come true. You can officially fulfill your social obligations while curled up with a blanket and a cup of hot tea, so as long as nap cafés allow me to show up in pajama pants, you can consider me a regular. All I need is my Netflix queue and wine by the glass, and you’ll never hear me make an excuse to not go out ever again.

[via CN Traveler]

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