You Can Now Buy Your Very Own “Beauty And The Beast” Enchanted Rose

Rose beauty and the beast

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the Disney character that everyone tells me I’m the most like. I always try to deny it so I can be someone a little more glamorous, like Elsa or Aurora, who also didn’t fall in love with their captors in a sort of weird Stockholm syndrome situation. But if we’re being honest, for the most part I am the most like Belle. We both love books, and looking down on peasant townsfolk, and bitching about how we want exciting things to happen to us even though we’re really pretty sheltered and spoiled. We also share an intense curiosity, bordering on stupidity, that causes us to do things like touch the forbidden magic rose and, in my case, take twelve shots in a row just to “see what happens.” (Spoiler: nothing good.) Like Belle, I watched that magic rose sparkle in its glass dome and I was just as fascinated as she was, although trying to touch it was still pretty dumb IMO. But now, if I want to subject myself to that same temptation, I can buy one of those magical roses for myself. No, really.

A floral company in Australia, “My Lasting Bouquet,” is now selling their very own version of the Enchanted Rose. Appropriately named “A Lasting Belle,” the rose is treated with a special solution that essentially freezes them at the peak of their growth. The company will send you a Disney-inspired enchanted rose in traditional red, white, rainbow, to even three different metallic shades, and they swear your rose will remain perfect with silky smooth petals for up to a year under the right conditions. They even come in a glass dome, just like the one in Beauty and the Beast, so you can stare at it just like the beast does.

Although, this particular rose isn’t counting down to the time of your death, so hopefully you can enjoy its beauty a little more than he gets to. These things also run at close to $200 per rose, so it’s a big price for one flower — but who can really put a price on something that’s *literally* magical?

[via Cosmopolitan]

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