You Can Now Buy Bling For Your Cat’s Butt, Because Crazy Cat Ladies Have Officially Gone Insane

You Can Now Buy Bling For Your Cat's Butt, Because Crazy Cat Ladies Have Officially Gone Insane

I’m a fan of cats. I’m not a crazy cat lady, and I don’t even own one, but I like them almost as much as I like dogs. People say you can’t like dogs and cats, but I think that’s bullshit. They’re both four-legged cuddly creatures who pay attention to you when no one else will. The only bonus with cats is they don’t wake you up at seven in the morning asking to be let outside to take a piss. Cats take care of their own business, and I like that about them.

Personally, I don’t have any strong opinions about a cat’s butt hole, but apparently enough people did because they made cat bling a thing. This isn’t just your typical sparkly collar. Someone is actually selling fake diamonds to hang on a cat’s tail that turn their butt holes into shiny jewels. The world, and crazy cat ladies, have officially gone mad.

Twinkle Tush is like a ring, but for your cat’s butt. You just side it over their tail, and a jewel drops down and covers their butt, because aren’t cat butt holes just sooo unsightly? No? Never crossed your mind? Weird, I never thought about cat butts that much either.

The warning says to keep away small parts from children, because if there’s anything worse than cat butt jewelry, it’s your infant child eating your cat’s butt jewelry. It also explicitly states that this is a “gag gift” but I don’t think the cats are laughing.

[via Buzzfeed]

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