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Netflix just released a new feature that allows you to make playlists and share them with your friends, so the next time you get that text in your group message from one of your friends asking what to watch next, you can just send them your playlist of favorites. It’s called “Flixtapes,” which is a play on mixtapes — the predecessor to playlists. It’s a customizable list that can include shows and movies and it officially makes Netflix even better than it was before.

This is what Netflix was missing all along. Sure, they had suggestions based on things you’ve watched, but just because I got high one night and watched a documentary on sex workers doesn’t mean I want to be reminded of that fact every single time I log in. It was a one time thing, Netflix. Let it go.

You can create endless amounts of playlists, ranging from “Movies To Sob To” to “Love Stories That Make My Heart Hurt” and “Movies To Watch When Boys Come Over.” If you’re psychotic about lists and organization, this Netflix update is for you.

To create a Flixtape, go to and think of a name for your playlist, like “TV Shows With Bangable Male Leads.” Netflix will then give you suggestions based on your title (they suggested Breaking Bad, Louis CK: Chewed Up, and Roswell for this playlist and I’m not mad about it) and then you can edit and add whatever titles your heart desires to this Flixtape. Once you’ve compiled your list, you make your cover photo and add a “To” and “From” if you’re sending it to someone, which you can do through Twitter, Facebook, or via copying a link.

If you’re like me and you just like being told what to watch, Flixtapes also has pre-made playlists. All in all, Flixtapes is a win for everyone, but especially for people who are so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices on Netflix that they just keep rewatching Gossip Girl over and over again.

[via Marie Claire]

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