Yik Yak Is The New College ACB

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College ACB? So 2011. There’s a new social forum in town, and this time it’s on the go.

Meet Yik Yak, a free new mobile app that lets college students connect anonymously through location-based posts within a five mile radius. The app is completely community driven, and displays a live feed of what people are saying, doing, and thinking. Requiring no sign up, profile, or password, the app uses GPS enablement to send “yaks,” or messages, to the closest 500 users.

Contrary to the sound of the name, Yik Yak has been very successful since it was developed by two Furman University students in 2013. It gained 100,000 users in its first three months alone. Some of the initial schools to adopt Yik Yak were the University of Georgia, Auburn, Ole Miss, Clemson, the University of Virginia, and Wake Forest. The app now has more than 240,000 users enrolled in universities across the country. But in this case, its popularity also comes intense criticism–some are calling Yik Yak “the newest trash-talking outlet of 2014.”

According to one student at Auburn, “[Yik Yak] has been mostly about fraternities and sororities and about individuals every now and then.” It is the same situation at Clemson, where another student admits, “the app is primarily used by members of Greek life to bad-mouth other organizations and their members. The people who post think it’s funny.”

You know what’s funny? Animal GIFs. Chelsea Handler. My love life. Solely relying on BuzzFeed quizzes to determine my future. You know what’s not funny? Talking shit about someone in a public forum and actually getting satisfaction out of it. I’m not saying this app is all bad, because I do see the positive attributes the founders were trying to display and maximize. What is bad is that certain “Yakkers” are using the app for the wrong reason–to avoid face-to-face confrontation. Instead, they let their phone’s keyboard to do it for them. NEWSFLASH: Hiding behind your mobile device doesn’t convince the world you’re cool, tough, or whatever quality you’re attempting (but failing) to portray. It only makes you look more antisocial than you probably already are.

According to the Yik Yak guidelines, “We rely on our communities to do the right thing. You have the power.”

You heard ‘em. When it comes to Yak, #SmackIsWack.

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[via The Plainsman]

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