Guy Plans Epic, Year-Long Proposal That’s Sure To Make You Hate Your Boyfriend

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It’s the classic love story. Boy swipes right on girl. Girl swipes right on boy. They meet. They date. They fall in love. And ten months later he knows she’s ~the one~ and decides he wants to propose. But instead of just hopping down on his knee with something from Kay, he plans a literal year-long proposal.

You know — what usually happens when you decide to go on Tinder.

It all started in October of 2014  when Josh Schmitz met Danielle Roesch whilst swiping, and decided to go on a date. By August 19, 2015, he decided to propose. In a year. So then he had to think of a plan, because yes. Some guys plan this shit out. Since he works in construction and has to leave for work at an ungodly hour (4:45 a.m.), the two have resorted to leaving each other cute messages during the day, because apparently romance isn’t dead. He told NBC Chicago:

I had been thinking about what I could do for a proposal long before any man would want to admit. I wanted to be able to show her how much I cared about her every day and I wanted to be able to incorporate work into it too because I spend a lot of time at work.

So for a year (a year) he took cheesy, ten-second clips of him with a little white board and wrote notes like the ones your high school boyfriend passed you in class (you said you’d always love me, Tyler!). The messages said things like, “I’m so excited to call you my wife,” “I love you so much,” and of course, “Will you marry me?”

The first month making it was like, ‘OK this is pretty fun’ and then it turned into, ‘Wow I’ve got 11 more months. That’s a long time,’ but I stuck with it.

So, on August 19 (a year after he started this), he had a friend invite Danielle to a fake corporate event at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. When she got there, however, she found herself surrounded by friends and family and a giant screen. And on the screen, this cute, while somewhat cringe-inducing, video played. Now, fair warning: it’s 21 minutes long. My advice is to skip through it a bit (there are some shirtless gems in there) so you get the point. He put some work into this whole thing.

After the video was over, she was told to go down by the water where her boyfriend was waiting — obviously to either propose or kill her. Once she got there, she found him surrounded by rose petals and the white board asking if she would marry him.

Now in her defense, this whole thing was a little over-the-top and at times awkward. And I’m sure she would have rather just had the ring a year ago instead of spending the past 365 days wondering if she was wasting her time with this guy. Still, I guess this shows he really loves her and cares, or something.

As much as I want to diss this overly-sweet proposal, most of us are standing here, ringless and alone. So like, good job Danielle. It looks like you caught a good one who loves you. Fuck us, right?

[via NBC Chicago]

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