World’s Worst First Date Ends With Couple Stranded In The Wilderness

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Despite the fact that most men would opt to “watch Netflix and chill,” there are a lot of options when it comes to picking the first date activity. You could see a concert, visit a museum, or go to dinner. One time I even had a guy take me to look at puppies at a pet store, which was actually really depressing, considering I left empty-handed, but it’s the thought that counts.

No matter what you do on a first date, I guarantee that your next first date will be at least ten times better than two young Californians, who decided to meet up for a hike in the woods. The couple innocently ventured out into the Angeles National Forest in Arcadia, California, with little knowledge of the landscape. They were soon completely lost, wandering the trails with no cell service and loads of anxiety. Eventually, the two found a somewhat strong service and called for help. The Altadena Sheriff’s station sent a rescue crew in for the couple, who were then airlifted to safety.

Talk about a memorable first date. If he wanted their first outing together to be so memorable, why didn’t this dude just buy a bunch of flowers and constantly remind her that her eyebrows are perfect? That would do it for me, no matter what shitty venue we wound up at. Dude’s gotta find a healthy middle ground, somewhere between a lame movie and being stranded in the woods, praying a hungry wild animal doesn’t find them.

A for effort, I guess.

[via ABC News]

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