World’s Worst Boyfriend Roofied His Girlfriend So He Could Play Video Games Uninterrupted

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I don’t know what happens when guys play video games, but I think we can all agree there’s some kind of neurological disconnect that renders them complete and total morons. They can’t pay attention to what you’re saying, they can’t formulate sentences, and sometimes, they won’t even willingly pause the game to have sex, which is a total travesty. At least you know that no matter how obnoxious your boyfriend gets with his Fifa or zombie massacre or whatever weird shit he’s playing, the two of you have an unspoken agreement that you do not cease to exist when the TV is on.

A German man recently admitted to drugging his girlfriend, solely so that she wouldn’t interrupt his video game. There’s never a good reason to drug anyone, but out of all the potential excuses to knock someone unconscious, this has got to be the worst. The 23-year-old was quickly convicted of assault and will be fined 500 euros. I’m not sure what that translates to in American currency, but if it doesn’t mean somewhere in the ballpark of two million and at least one testicle, this guy got off way too easily.

The worst part about this whole scenario was the excuse the guy had for what he did. “I only put four or five drops into her tea,” said the man who had more of a hard-on for his Xbox than a living, human woman. Really? That’s your argument? Your girlfriend was knocked out from 10 p.m. until midday the next day, shithead.

It’s worth noting that the two are no longer in a relationship. His girlfriend told the courts that she dumped him not only because he roofied her, but also because he was always on drugs. Big fucking shocker there.

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