Women Are Posting Pictures Of Their Crusty Undies On Twitter For The #PantyChallenge


As if there wasn’t enough evil in the world, women are starting to get at each other about vaginal discharge. I’m going to quote Amy Schumer again, because there are few occasions when it is not applicable, but I think she put it best when she said she wanted to “just once take off a pair of underwear and make it not look like [she] blew [her] nose in it.” It happens to literally all of us and if you pretend that it doesn’t happen to you, you are a pretentious twat. We all want to ask if that amount of slime is normal, but only real friends will let information about their discharge ooze out into the open. Unless you are one of the freaks who have been posting pictures of their underwear to either prove that their vagina is a tiny little whisper, or that this stint is just another way in which the world is oppressing women. Either way, it’s uncool.

Ok, I’m pretty sure that last one was runny diarrhea. But anywhoozle, can we just not? Whether you have clean underwear or not, which you probably don’t if you are a human person, let’s just agree that we care all special snowflakes, no matter how slimy.

[via Seventeen]

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