Woman Writes Hilarious Complaint About Vacation Ruined By Spring Breakers

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Spring Break is arguably the biggest shit show of anyone’s college career. You take a group of people who are ordinarily hedonists, remove them from their natural environment where they have things to worry about like “responsibilities” and “reputations,” and add in even more alcohol than usual. Throw in a YOLO attitude and what you get is the kind of disasterpiece that the faint of heart just can’t handle. Standard, really. My parents adamantly avoid vacationing during the month of March, because since the beginning of time, it’s been a pretty notorious time for morally loose kids to get downright dirty.

Just how dirty, you ask? This woman summed it up pretty perfectly in her complaint about her hotel, and how spring breakers ruined her vacation.

Spring Break Complaint

Way to go, Michigan State. Sounds like you did spring break right. As for this lady? Amateur.

[via Brobible]

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Veronica Ruckh

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