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Woman Sues Cop For Allegedly Stealing Naked Pics

Yep. You read that correctly. A woman in New York is currently suing an NYPD Officer for stealing naked pictures and videos from her phone, or so she claims.

On February 6, Pamela Held was pulled over for driving without an inspection sticker. Girlfriend must have been acting suspiciously because rather than simply write her a ticket for the minor traffic violation, police began searching the vehicle. Low and behold, prescription pills (obviously not prescribed to our Pamela) and marijuana were found in the car. Thus, Pamela and her unnamed friend were carted off to jail.

Upon arrival, Ms. Held was questioned about her whereabouts. She claimed that she was visiting a friend and that this was all just a big misunderstanding. I guess she meant that the car didn’t belong to her? It’s unclear. Though, if you look at her picture…the feathers in her hair don’t exactly point to her being the brightest bulb.

Anyway, in an effort to clear her name, Pamela handed over her phone to prove that she was telling the story. I suppose she wanted them to look at texts? Or maybe she had a really good “roadtrip” playlist. Who the fuck knows. Either way, Pamela handed over her cell phone and claims that the phone in question was kept from her for over three hours.

Upon receiving it, Pamela looked through her iPhone to find that 20 pictures and 5 videos, all containing nude images of herself, had been sent to a mysterious number. She immediately hired an attorney who subsequently pointed her in the direction of a private investigator. The mysterious number the images had been sent to is allegedly (according to feathers) that of one of her arresting officer.

The officer in question, Sean Christian, claims that he had no contact with her and that the phone number actually belongs to his brother. Either way, Pamela is suing him, and her attorney is questioning if the NYPD had the right to pull her over and search the car in the first place. Supreme Court rulings like Whren v. United States (cases that feathers has likely never heard of) are now being thrown around in Pamela’s defense.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, let this be a lesson to all. Put a fucking password on your phone. And for the love of God, take the bird accessories out of your hair.

[via AOL Jobs]


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