Woman Steals Wedding Ring Off A Corpse, Is Probably Now Cursed To Remain Single Forever


I get it. Getting a ring by spring can be really, really hard. Personally, I’ve been dating the same guy for two and a half years, and while I know that I’m forcing him to save for my dream 2.5 carat Yurman diamond ring, I still get a little bit envious around this time every year when all of the 20-year-olds start flashing their .5 carat rose gold rings their college boyfriends picked up at Kay. When that happens, you really can’t help but wonder, why don’t I have a ring? Don’t I deserve one? Maybe I should just get one myself.

Well, it seems a woman in Texas recently took this just a liiiiiiiittle too far when she attended a funeral and snatched her ring off of the corpse. What, it’s not like she was using it!

The police are still looking for the subject, but if you just so happen to spy an Instagram engagement post from your friend who was just drunk crying in the bar bathroom last weekend, I think we may have found the culprit. Honestly, I’ve heard crazier stories when it comes to engagements, but in this case, it’s probably better for you single ladies to just wait it out for the guy who’ll propose with a ring he spent six months’ salary on. Even though it involves more of a wait, it’s bound to be less awkward than the inevitable encounter when your friend realizes your new engagement ring looks exactly like great aunt Mildred’s.

[via TIME]

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