Woman Spots Spider While Driving, Decides To Jump From Moving Car

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Car accidents happen all the time, and it’s safe to say that they’re nothing short of a total pain in the ass. My car recently went through a little bit of a makeover, when a few neighboring frat boys decided it would be a good idea to play a casual game of (probably drunk) frisbee next to my precious baby’s parking spot. My side view mirror didn’t live to tell the tale. No worries. I will have my revenge.

In the case of 35-year-old Angela Kipp of Syracuse, Indiana, the damage was a tad bit more severe. Our gal Angie was backing out of her driveway with her son, when she spotted a spider creeping around the interior of her car. Instead of parking and removing the little life ruiner calmly, Kipp decided it would be more logical for her to simply exit the vehicle altogether. She hopped out of her car and left her NINE-YEAR-OLD SON to fend for himself, because it’s 2015 and apparently good parenting is officially a thing of the past. Her son attempted to brake, but ended up accidentally reversing and colliding with a local school bus. No one was injured in the collision, with the exception of Angela’s car, which is essentially done for.

What I want to know is, how much of a coward do you have to be to jump ship with your kid in the car, just because you’re pretty sure you see a bug chilling inside? That fucker better have been huge. I’m talking Harry Pottter and the Chamber of Secrets huge.

Either way, this incident is insanely embarrassing and probably inducing scores of face palms nationwide. At least we now know who is most deserving of 2015’s shittiest parent award. Take a lap, Angela.

[via Wane]

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