Woman Does Calligraphy Using Her Vagina, Her Writing Still Puts Us To Shame

Chinese Woman Calligraphy With Her Vagina

If you have fallen down the rabbit hole of Facebook videos, you’ve seen the calming and captivating calligraphy videos that are starting to get pretty popular. In case you missed it, here’s one of the best:

Crazy, right? It looks so simple and beautiful, but I know if I were to attempt it, I would come out looking like a fourth grader’s first attempt at cursive. I could be doing it all wrong, though. Sun Ping, an artist in China, created vaginal calligraphy in 2006. She created this pussy painting art form to “question the status of traditional Chinese art and challenge the concept of vulgarity in contemporary Chinese society.” She has a point, all of us have touched a vagina in our lives, especially when we’re born, so why is it such a taboo thing? Not only can you view her work, she also has videos of her squatting and writing with a paintbrush that is sticking out from between her legs.

I’m just thankful that she had the decency to make the ink black and not red. Also, can you imagine how many kegels you would have to do to be able to hold a paintbrush for that long? I bet she could rip a guy’s dick off if she got mad enough.

Because people don’t understand real art when they see it, Sun Ping was recently kicked out of the Chinese Artists Association. The heathens in charged called her performances were “vulgar,” “low class,” and “uncivilized,” and claimed she basically took a big steamy shit on calligraphy and Chinese culture. From what I can gather, this is not going to stop her from expressing herself through her whispering eye. Her vagina has a message that needs to be shared, and share it she will.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Youtube

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