Woman Deemed Too Annoying For A Passport So Now I Have To Cancel All My Travel Plans

Woman Deemed Too Annoying For A Passport So Now I Have To Cancel All My Travel Plans

One of the best words commonly used to describe me is “annoying.” While I used to take this as an insult, I now view it as a compliment. So what if I text my boyfriend fourteen times in a row? It’s really his fault that he didn’t respond to me immediately. Do I irritate everyone around me to the point that they do what I want to make me shut up? Absolutely, but it’s an efficient mechanism that I would highly recommend everyone try out. So yes, others might view me as “annoying,” but it’s never really had much of an effect on me – that is, until now. Apparently, it’s not only guys who can deem you annoying, but government officials as well, so now I’m starting to get a little concerned.

Forty-two-year-old Nancy Holden had her basic tendencies like the rest of us. She describes herself as a freelance model and journalist while being vegan and speaking out for animal rights. Essentially, she’s no less annoying than your friend who’s obsessed with Pure Barre or your roommate who starts drinking PSLs in August when it’s still 100 degrees. Nancy was trying to get a passport to visit Sweden, where she’s been speaking out against their incessant use of cowbells, claiming that they’re a health risk to the cows. Nancy’s passport request was denied not once, but twice. The reason? The Swiss viewed Nancy as “too annoying” and didn’t want her anywhere near them.

Yep, apparently now municipalities have the authority to say that you’re too annoying to visit them, and I’m in a panic. This reputation I’ve built over a couple of decades may now actually come back to haunt me and deny me entrance into certain parts of the world. Let’s just say that the next time I start to plan a trip abroad, I’m definitely not going to be listing my ex-boyfriends as character references, because I’m really not about to have my European vacation ruined just because I happened to leave a guy seventeen voicemails in one night. For the time being, I suppose I can attempt to reign in my annoying habits…or at least, try to hide them, at least until I’ve been cleared for travel. Then it’s game on.

[via Conde Nast Traveler]

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