Wine Keurigs Are Here To Change Your Life For The Better


Sometimes when you need wine, there just isn’t an easy way to access it as immediately as you want. Maybe you live in a state where vino isn’t sold on Sundays, or you got stuck in traffic and now the liquor store is closed. Sure, you could go to a restaurant, but who wants to go out in public and pay $8 for a shitty glass of wine that came from a $6 bottle when you should be curled up in bed, pantsless, Netflix queue underway? Luckily for those of us who forget to plan ahead, you’re about to have all the wine you can imagine, easily accessible, and at the touch of a button with the new wine Keurig.

10-Vins, a French company specializing in wine, just invented the D-Vine wine machine, which functions exactly like a Keurig but for – you guessed it – wine. Instead of a plastic cup, you pop a wine vial into your machine, and out comes a perfectly calibrated glass. Instead of heating up water like your go-to coffee maker, the D-Vine knows what type of wine you insert and serves it to you at the temperature best associated with the type of grape making the wine within a minute. No more throwing a couple of ice cubes into the warm bottle of Riesling you picked up off a shelf, because the D-Vine is here to elevate your wine-drinking to an entirely new level of sophistication.

The perfect glass of wine with D- VINE. #10Vins #DVINE #club10Vins

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Of course, you’d better hope you’ve been good this year, because Santa isn’t springing for this price tag unless you’ve been on your best behavior. It’s a little pricey – ok, a lot pricey – at $1,257, but isn’t the envy of everyone you know worth at least that much anyway? While my behavior this year probably doesn’t warrant anything better than a box of Franzia, you’d better believe I’m going to be on my toes in 2017 with the hopes of finding this bad boy under my Christmas tree.

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