Wine Is Getting A Higher Alcohol Content Each Year

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Wine drunk is arguably the best drunk out there. Beer drunk makes you feel like a pregnant hippo, vodka drunk makes you vomit, and tequila drunk makes you consider butt stuff. Wine is the only alcohol that makes you look like a lady, feel like a boss, and maintain your composure better than your male counterparts.

Or maybe not.

A new study is suggesting that wine is getting a higher alcohol content each year, and that certain winemakers are failing to acknowledge this boost. Researchers say this could be dangerous to consumers, who might not know how much alcohol they’re actually ingesting. I respectfully disagree. Any girl who plans to down a bottle of Pinot before a night out knows exactly what she’s getting into. If anything, she’ll probably be grateful that her bottle packed in a bigger buzz than expected. It’s much easier to pretend you don’t care that your ex is at the same party when you’re totally shitfaced.

The study also found that wine from cooler climates like Canada has lower alcohol percentages, while wine from hotter regions like the U.S. tends to have a higher alcohol content. Fuck yeah, America.

So why are bottles misrepresenting the amount of alcohol by volume? It’s possible that consumers are looking for a certain percent, or wine companies are trying to avoid a higher tax on their product. Whatever the case may be, it will probably be in your best interest to at least attempt to monitor yourself next time you decide to tip back a glass of vino.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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