Why Meeting Guys at the Gym REALLY Isn’t That Bad

Guys at Gym

I get it, I promise. You hate, hate, hate, hate, hate those girls who come to the gym wearing makeup with their bouncy little ponytails who don’t do a damn thing but jog for 10 minutes while getting the attention of every man. I agree. I’m with you. I’m in the gym, looking like I just stepped off the struggle bus, just trying to get in, get toned, and get out. But I won’t lie, I see some guys in the gym who make me wish I had seen them somewhere less…sweaty. You know exactly what kind of guys I’m talking about. Sure, meeting at the gym isn’t like your favorite rom com, where people bump into each other at a coffee shop and fall in love on sight. But there are worse places to meet.

Let’s think about it. You’re running your ass off on the treadmill on an incline trying to get your legs to look like Carrie Underwood’s. Run, run, run. Sweat, ew. It happens though, that’s why you’re here. Then you turn around and the tall guy you saw bench pressing way more than anyone else is standing there. Smiling. AT YOU. Yeah, you. Struggle-bus-riding-sweaty-red-faced-YOU. It happens, I promise.

With the combination of the cardio workout you were just doing and the fact you’re in awe a man is speaking to you right now, this situation might not be the best set up for a reply. But as you’re struggling through the conversation, remember why it doesn’t suck.

1. If he thinks you’re hot right now–sweaty, running, panting, etc.–he’s obviously smart enough to know you only look better in real life. This goes both ways. While I’m sure he looks great in his muscle tee, picture him in a suit for your formal. Swoon.

2. He approached you in public. In public. Where he could totally get turned down and drop a bench press bar on his head from the depression. But he took that risk anyway, to talk to your sweaty self.

3. He works out, you work out. Physical fitness is important, especially when keeping away from the freshman (or sophomore, or junior, or senior) 15.

I’m not saying it’s the most romantic, ideal, perfect place to meet your man, but when you look at it, the gym really is not as bad as you think.

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