Why Kim Kardashian Is A Feminist Icon


Kim Kardashian West gets a lot of heat from the media and has ever since she came to fame in 2007 with her sultry Ray J sex tape. Why, though? Kim K should be reveled in. Let’s review the facts:

She became famous from a sex tape.

Most people see this as a negative aspect of Kim. I disagree. We have all done questionable things for the ones we love. You can’t tell me you’ve never snapped a nudie before. Kim made that sex tape in private and had no intentions of being released, or so she claims. But it was. Her trust was betrayed and she was harassed severely for it. And you know what she did? Turned in around immediately, made $5 million, and started her million dollar empire with her family. You know what that sounds like to me? Girl power.

She has a killer sense of style.

Yes, Kim has come a long way since her Wet Seal inspired days, but damn, did she go from 0 – 100 so quickly. She made her entire family ambassadors for the Balmain army. Not to mention, she regularly rocks Givenchy, Moschino, Miu Miu and a myriad of other high-end designers. Whether it’s a big fur coat or a tight body-con nude dress, she looks hot. She knows how to play her angles. She also rocks her boo Kanye West’s fashion line, “Yeezy” and looks soooo fine doing it.

She is comfortable in her own skin.

This is another aspect of Kim that is always criticized. She loves being naked. And she works so hard for her body, so why wouldn’t she? Recently, Kim just shed all of her baby weight from her second child and she’s still a stone cold fox. She regularly snapchats her workouts, and they seem less than fun; sprinting and squatting every day early in the morning. Good for her. We need more women like that in this world. It’s okay to love your body, naked or clothed. We all should take a page out of her book and love ourselves a little bit more.

She is an awesome mother.

Let’s be honest, being a mother in Hollywood seems damn near impossible. Between the pressure of being beautiful and successful and working constantly, raising a family seems like it always takes a back seat. But not for Kim! She is constantly posting videos of her and North hanging out and being adorable. And let’s be real, she’s just as stylish as her mother! The one great thing about the Kardashians is that they are very heavily family oriented people, and it shows. They are constantly having play dates with Kourtney’s kids and they all take trips together frequently. It seems like Kim has motherhood on lock.

She created a brand that included her family.

Whether we love or her hate her, we are all paying attention to Kim Kardashian. We love hearing about drama between her and her sisters. They have their signature show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” but they also had three spin-offs including “Kourney and Kim Take Miami,” “Kourtney and Kim take New York,” and even a spin-off that doesn’t involve her at all, “Khloé and Lamar.” Who wouldn’t want to work every day with their family? She created an empire and included the people she loves the most. We know Kris Jenner is heavily behind all of it, but they are truly a family of badass women.

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