Why It’s Okay To Be A Domestic Failure


They’re the Charlottes of the world who seem to be able to do it all while still looking perfect, and maybe even rocking an apron. These girls could put a 1950s housewife to shame, and it’s all pretty annoying, honestly. For the girls out there who would rather read Cosmo than Ladies’ Home Journal, becoming a domestic goddess just isn’t something in our cards, and that’s okay.

Cooking And Baking


The kitchen is seriously a scary place–it’s a house of horrors, if you will. There are sharp knives, appliances that could very easily set everything aflame, and of course, the disappointing glares from judgmental female relatives. COOKING IS HARD, OKAY? We live in a world where pizza shows up at our doorstep and we don’t even have to put on pants. As long as that luxury is available, learning how to sauté is the last thing on my mind. Yeah, the family cookbook may be collecting dust, but you know what? I just microwaved a delicious chicken parm in less than five minutes, and I ain’t even mad. Thankfully, the value of a woman is not based on a massive Tupperware collection or engraved cake pans. Truth be told, myself and and many other women I know have a very short culinary repertoire consisting of, but not limited to, Lean Cuisines, cereal, and putting together a damn good sandwich–which I’m going to make for lunch right now.



As much fun as dusting and scrubbing sound–oh, wait, no they don’t. There is no shame in an organized mess. It reflects an effortless look that can only be achieved with scattered mail and several dishes in the sink. Don’t fight me on this, okay. Guess what? Clutter happens. This only means that you have busy social life, and you’re too busy having fun to worry about smudged mirrors. Plus, cleaning products are full of toxins and chemicals. That sounds dangerous to your health, if you ask me.

Looking Perfect


Looking flawless all the time is so overrated. After days of looking like a troll (we’ve all had those days) there is a magical feeling in putting yourself together that cannot be explained. A comfy wardrobe is a blessing, and when the time comes to throw on your favorite curve-hugging outfit, it’s like a little surprise that you’ve been hiding under a baggy T-shirt all along. So, maybe your nails are chipped, your hair is in a sloppy bun, or you refuse to casually wear bows and pearls. Rejoice: hot mess is the new black.

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