Why Having A Non-Greek Best Friend Is The Best


Whether or not you’re in a sorority or fraternity shouldn’t be a big deal. Realistically, using the term GDI kind of makes the rest of us in Greek life look like pretentious assholes. But my friend chose not to rush just because she’s not a fan of listening to hundreds of girls chant cult-like songs while wearing matching t-shirts. Honestly, that’s a good enough reason not to rush.

Whenever we go to bars or frats (yes she goes to just as many frat parties as I do, probably more) and meet guys the first question they ask is “are you guys in a sorority?” I say yes and they respond something like “oh that’s cool,” but when my friend says “nah, I didn’t rush” she automatically gains their respect. I know she gains their respect because more often than not they respond, “oh wow I respect that.” It’s like she’s automatically hotter for being independent. She’s gone to more date parties than I have without being in a sorority. It goes to show that yes, you still can be pretty, funny, and a good time even if you’re not in a sorority. Crazy shit, right? It also makes us look like ultimate best friends since we’re friends by choice as opposed to being friends due to the “eternal bond of everlasting sisterhood.” We just seem more interesting to guys for some reason since she’s not in a sorority. It sounds totally dumb I know, but I’m not making this up.

Another great thing about having a non-greek best friend is that you can bitch about your sorority without repercussions. Even if you trust your sisters with your life, sometimes they feel obligated to tell the other girls what you said about the bitch in charge of t-shirts who always does a shitty job. If you have a non-greek best friend, it’s fair game. A free ticket to shit talk all you want because she has no moral obligation to share what you said with anyone in your sorority. And she probably just doesn’t care enough to share it anyway. You also don’t feel like a horrible person when you bitch to her about not wanting to go to your philanthropy event because staying in bed sounds more appealing than raising money for sick children. But when you do have to do stuff for your philanthropy, she’s willing to help you out and give you the money that you need since you’re her favorite sorority girl by default.

I’m not saying that I’m only friends with my non-greek best friend so I can use her to buy philanthropy tickets from me, but I didn’t realize how awesome it was to have an impartial third party whenever it comes to sorority stuff. I love having someone I can truly confide in and we still have a great time together, regardless of being in Greek life or not. She pushes me to go to all of my sorority obligations as if she’s my college mother, but she’s also understanding when all I wanna do is bitch about it. She was my biggest supporter when I was in the Hunger Games. Sorry, I meant when I was rushing. She keeps me grounded and makes me remember that there is more to me than the letters on my t-shirt pocket.

Frat/Srat stars and non-greeks are no different deep down. Let’s all unite to have a good time and be there for our friends. So next time you see that independent girl who lives down the hall that only wears sweatpants to class, try talking to her. She’s probably a lot cooler than that annoying ass girl in your sorority who acts like every chapter meeting is formal.

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