Who Is Beyoncé’s “Becky With The Good Hair?”


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding Beyoncé’s new album, Lemonade. The queen decided to drop the visual album on HBO as well as Tidal, which pretty much sucks for the majority of the population. Like seriously, eff Tidal. But for those lucky enough to have HBO or use their friends password, you have to privilege to see the magic for yourself. And you get to be able to join the conversation that everyone is talking about. And once again, no surprise, Queen B did not disappoint the masses with her newest album.

What did come to a surprise to the beehive, and pretty much the entire planet was the content of the album. She focuses on issues such as racial tension, gender politics…oh, and infidelity. With her marriage being so public and idolized by so many, it’s hard to imagine the power couple is facing problems. But Beyoncé pretty much spelled out that Jay-Z has been unfaithful with the line, “He only want me when I’m not on there / He better call Becky with the good hair.”

Even though the whole album has little clues about the cheating fans focused on the line “Becky with the good hair.” And once you anger the beehive, they come out stinging. They first accused Rachel Roy of being Becky, not to be confused with Rachael Ray, who just wants to whip up a mean frittata and who has also been subject to the online abuse. After Rachel Roy posted a picture on Instagram with the caption referencing to her good hair, a wave of online harassment and bullying ensued. She has since issued a statement saying that she is not “Becky,” and that her Instagram post was supposed to be “fun and lighthearted.”

Now, the next possible “Becky” is rumored to be Rita Ora who posted a picture of her wearing a lemon bra and a necklace with the initial J on Snapchat. Would she really be foolish enough to throw shade at the Queen? She also was thought to be having an affair with Jay-Z, years ago. But even with those clues does it add up to a Becky? I’m not sold. And I’m waiting for the next theory to pop up.

There’s really no denying that Jay-Z cheated on Bey and that she was pissed. But trying to find the mystery Becky with pitchforks in hand is not the answer. Jay-Z is the one who is married to the most beautiful women on the planet and still couldn’t keep it in his pants. There are still so many unanswered questions such as: Will they be getting a divorce? What will happen to Blue? Why the fuck would anyone cheat on Beyoncé? And if Beyoncé can’t find love is there any hope for the rest of us?

UPDATE 4/26/2016 10:20 a.m.: Rita Ora threw major shade at Beyoncé on Instagram this morning when she posted this movie poster:

A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

The movie is a 1973 film starring Elizabeth Taylor and Henry Fonda. Seeing as it’s not Wednesday, this had to be some cryptic message to Bey and the Beyhive, right? Your guess is as good as mine. Here’s the plot line for the film, from IMBD:

Barbara gets secret plastic surgery in Switzerland in an attempt to save her marriage to Mark, but he doesn’t seem interested in meeting her. She checks in to a ski resort to wait for Mark, and begins getting attention from young men. Her daughter tries to warn her that even though she has had the surgery it might be too late for her marriage, but she clings to the hope that Mark will come back once he sees her new look. Meanwhile, she must decide whether or not have an affair with a young man she’s met.

What does this mean? Is the search for Becky over? The world may never know.

[via NBC News, NY Daily News]

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