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Which Ten Schools Are The Smartest At Sex?

Trojan, the leaders of safe sex advocacy themselves, recently put forth a study acknowledging the ten universities that were the smartest about sex. No surprise that my school wasn’t on it, because I didn’t participate in a single sleepover during which the “condom” talk wasn’t a battle.

Making Trojan’s list was unrelated to condom sales, however. The top contenders boasted the best awareness programs, counseling, STI testing, and low-cost contraception. It’s no surprise that two of the schools promoting the safest sex are in New Jersey. Or is it? If you attend one of the following schools, you can give yourself a pat on the back for practicing the safest sex, and/or resisting authority. Condoms are NF, nawm sayin’?

10. University of Wisconsin
9. University of Denver
8. University of Texas
7. Rutgers University
6. University of Illinois
5. Brown University
4. University of Iowa
3. University of Alabama
2. Columbia University
1. Princeton University

[via Huffington Post]

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