When To Lose Your Loser

Break-ups suck. You’ve been together for a magical three and a half weeks to several years, but the question badgers you: “Do I want to go forward with this?” You can’t help but wonder, do you like him, or do you like the idea of having a date for Valentine’s day? If you’re at the point where you’re debating the ditch, here are a few signs that it’s time to move on.

If he has anger issues. I’m not turned on by any sort of temper tantrum. You can tell me to make you a sandwich all day long, but the second you yell at me, I’m gone. If he’s throwing things, punching walls, or breaking anything, you should probably let that gem go.

If he’s overly jealous. He’s accusing you of cheating and makes himself comfortable searching through your phone, Facebook, or even Twitter. Not only is this an indication that he may have something to hide himself, but he’s an envious, possessive creep. A lot of guys want a beautiful girl, but don’t know how adequately behave once obtained. A guy who can’t trust you should promptly check out the fourth amendment and get his own life.

If he’s cheating. I’m not denying that guys love to look, and I’m not suggesting you get all stalker freak on them when they do. They are going to glance at the waitress when she walks away; it’s just instinct for them. Don’t dwell on the small things. She’s a geed waitress and you snagged the date. However, if your date is playing his charming card with other girls, whether you’re in sight or not, don’t turn your cheek to this. If he’s got a wandering eye early in the game, chances are he’s about to have a wandering penis too. He won’t be around for more than a few innings.

If he’s blatantly rude to you. While, one of the most desirable qualities in a man is a sense of humor, don’t let him take it too far. His small jokes at your expense are only fun if you can hand them right back to him. If he’s unwilling to back down when you tell him he’s getting too harsh and putting you down beyond your point of comfort, toss that one back. He probably has his own self confidence issues to deal with.

If he’s too sensitive. Some ladies enjoy a sensitive guy. It’s not really my thing, but to each her own, just as long as he’s the one wearing the chinos in the relationship. It’s one thing to enjoy the casual chick flick and set up a romantic evening, but if he’s tearing up and watching trash like Glee, send him to Massachusetts.

Other reasons to bail:
-Lack of: letters, beliefs, Sperrys, commitment, pastel clothing, respect, intelligence.
-Cargo shorts.

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