When Is It Okay To Hook Up With A Friend’s Ex?


So there’s this guy you want to get with. Truth be told, you’ve had your eye on him for a number of months now. He’s literally perfect. A good friend, he’s been a good boyfriend to girls in the past, and on the plus side, he’s hot. The problem is, your friend has already gotten with him. Before you dive into the situation vagina first, know that there are rules as to when it is okay and when it’s not, to get with a friend’s ex.

If They Just Had A Drunken Hook Up

Then he’s all yours. Unless she’s already told you she plans on trying to get with him again. But if it was only a one-time thing, she cannot claim him, no matter how much she wants to act like she did.

They Had A FWB Relationship/Fling

She really liked him so now this is where is gets sticky. Sadly, it depends on how she feels for him. If she has feelings or not him dictates whether or not you’re being a bitch. But you need to talk to her beforehand. If she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore then you still need permission because he was important to her at one point, and it’s better to clarify everything. On the other hand, if she still does have feelings for him, you should not consider doing anything whatsoever and need to be a good friend.

They Were In A Relationship That Lasted Longer Than A Few Months

He’s off limits. Sorry to break it to you, but they were serious. Maybe after some time once she’s completely over him you can contemplate asking if it’d be okay if you got with him. That’s the first rule of girl code, if you didn’t know that you better study up.

If She Was Ever Madly In Love With Him

You shouldn’t even be reading this. Past loves are, and always will be, completely off limits. And if you are a good friend, once their relationship ended you should have cut ties with him. Especially if he did her wrong. And after reading this if you still decide he’s worth it (which he’s not), don’t be surprised if she never talks to you again. Your other friends will probably shit talk you too.

Honestly is the best policy when it comes to navigating through life in general, but especially with close friends. Going behind someone’s back for a guy is low. Just know that if you do decide to pursue things with this guy that there will be major consequences. And in a lot of cases, if you choose a guy over a friendship, you’re a bitch. Let’s be real, we’re in college to find bridesmaids, not husbands, so choosing her ex shouldn’t be a question.

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