When I Look Back, I Will Say The Apocalypse Began With Avocado Art

When I Look Back, I Will Say The Apocalypse Began With Avocado Art

You have to admit, our generation is pretty innovative, but sometimes you open the internet and just have to say, “What the actual fuck?” This morning I opened my web browser to find the top story of an online publication was about “avocado art.” Yes, I repeat, AVOCADO. ART. The “What the fuck?” then ensued. Do you people have nothing better to do than to carve fancy designs into freaking avocados? There are people out there obsessed with avocado art and unicorn coffee, makeup, and oxygen. What is happening?

Like, someone took seven hours out of their day to make this avocado into a vintage masterpiece.

This avocado was inspired by Rakiki, I’m certain.

A fucking, Yoda. A FUCKING YODA.

Avocado Arte #maythe4thbewithyou #avocadoart #aguacate #aguacatearte #robtheoriginal

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How did we get here? How did our culture become fascinated with unicorns and freaking avocados? Can we stop now? Please for the love of God. Us, united, under the world wide web, must stop praising the glorification of avocados and unicorns. It is becoming a destructive habit that will most certainly cause us to look fucking stupid for the rest of our lives. Get a hobby that doesn’t include carving a replica of The Last Supper into a vegetable. Thanks in advance.

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