What Your Favorite “Parks and Rec” Character Says About You

With the long days of summer to fill and the binge-watching of “Orange is the New Black” season three well behind me, I’ve had plenty of time to search through my Netflix list. In the end, I returned to the tried and true. Namely, Parks and Recreation.

The fierce ladies of Parks and Rec have taught us all so much in the six seasons they’ve been with us. We now know that nothing is more important than friends, waffles, and work, and that ‘Lil Sebastian is the greatest miniature horse ever to have lived.

The women who grace Pawnee’s most important department are in many ways a sisterhood, so what better way to relive the time spent with your favorite government gal pals than by figuring out which of them best embodies you?

Leslie Knope
If you’re not president of your chapter, you’re at least on its executive council, because you are a woman who loves to be in charge. But what matters most to you is using your power for the greater good, so your philanthropy and sisterhood events are what’s closest to your heart. You’re a fierce feminist, and find it impossible to say no to a good cause (though very easy to shit talk your rival sorority. They just remind you so much of Eagletonians). When you’re not working, you prefer the sweeter things in life (down with salad!), whether that be waffles or men. Or maybe a date with a man to eat waffles? Sounds like a raffle idea, better go write that down.

Ann Perkins
Word on frat row is you’re a cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish. Though you have a tendency to model yourself after whatever guy you’re dating at the time (Think lots of Lily for the fratstar, and a sudden beanie preference when you were with that hipster), but what matters to you most are your friends. You love to take care of people, and while you might not be the life of the party, you’re the one who brings homemade cookies to movie night, and makes the sorority house feel like home. Also, you’re kicking ass in all your classes. Never forget that nobody can fill your shoes with those tiny little doll feet.

April Ludgate
With a penchant for sarcasm and black nail polish, you’re the girl everyone’s just a little bit scared of. You’re more likely to be found wearing Cady’s Halloween costume than Regina’s, and your craft box consists of fake blood instead of glitter. With all the black and the blood, people are often surprised to learn that your dog is your best friend, and that you earn your service hours volunteering at the local animal shelter. Sometimes people wonder why you and your resting bitch face joined a sorority in the first place, but those people are the ones who don’t realize that your sisterhood is the one thing that makes you abandon your monotone.

Donna Meagle
If there’s one thing you know, it’s how to treat yourself. Whether it’s a mani/pedi for a pick-me-up when your Econ professor just can’t seem to understand that 8 AMs don’t work for you, or the way you go out to dinner five out of seven nights a week because you’re just “so done” with the dining hall. You like to live large. You’ve got an unlimited credit card, and the sass to match. But the gold pendant necklace you bought online matches the heart of gold underneath it, and those who know you best realize that a treat for you usually ends up being a treat for those around you.

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