What Your Favorite Marg Says About You


Rejoice! It’s National Margarita Day! Yes, it is a Monday, which always gives us an excuse to evade the piles of reading assignments sitting on our desks. Today is special, though. It’s also February 22nd, the day officially set aside for us to consume delicious concoctions of tequila, triple sec, and lime in copious amounts. Given this national holiday, there’s no excuse for you to miss out on chips ‘n’ salsa, cheese enchiladas, and your favorite margarita tonight. So, what will your marg choice be?

1. On The Rocks With Salt

Sour on the inside and salty on the edges, this margarita packs a punch—much like your sassy attitude. At first people can be caught off guard by your pungency, but after a while they’ll come to love you. You’re not about all those frou-frou drinks most girls like, but you’re not above trying a marg today. After all, any national holiday should be treated with respect.

2. Frozen

On any other night, you would have been sipping your favorite wine with your girlfriends, but tonight you decided to be adventurous. You and your sisters brought out the blenders you all got for Christmas so you could make “green smoothies”—or at least that’s what you told your parents. (I mean, technically they are green.) Chances are you’ll be rolling into class tomorrow with your shades on and a large coffee in hand.

3. Corona-rita

Just the like tequila in your margarita, you get better with age higher alcohol content. You’re probably a senior or somehow have the drinking stamina of one. You could out-drink anyone at your favorite Mexican restaurant, and the bartender was your best friend from day one. It feels like you only took one sip and the next thing you know you’re doing shots and speaking Spanish. Uno mas!

4. Fruit Flavored

You are a sweet, innocent girl who is in for a wild ride. Everyone talked you into getting a fishbowl-sized marg, and the strawberry just sounded so good! Somehow the bartender deliciously masked all the nasty alcohol taste and fooled you into thinking you could hold your own. Remember to take it slow, especially if this is your first rodeo, and be careful standing up. You could be in for a long night—in all the worst ways.

5 Virgin

Poor freshie. Don’t worry. All good things come with time.

[via National Margarita Day]

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