What To Wear To Let A Guy Know You Absolutely Don’t Want To Go Hiking With Him

What To Wear To Let A Guy Know You Absolutely Don't Want To Go Hiking With Him

You know when you’re on Tinder, and you’re swiping away, and it’s just like guy with fish, guy with fish, guy on mountain, guy on bike, and all of their bios are like “I love the outdoors,” and you try to tell him “LOL, I’d rather die than go hiking,” but you haven’t had sex in like a month, so you talk with him a little, and you try to avoid the topic completely. So then you start casually dating, and he’s like “we should go for a bike ride or some other activity outdoorsmen do,” and you’ve been dating too long to tell him you haven’t ridden a bike since you were 11, so you have to commit to a miserable life of fresh air and dirt, all because you weren’t upfront about it?

Well, here is the ~perfect~ shirt so you never have to deal with that terrible type of encounter again.

New long crop (like your belly-button won't show, promise) now available at the link in our bio.

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It’s a black long crop, which means it gives the crop top feel, but you’ll be covered or with just a bit peeking out in high-waisted shorts or a maxi. Below is a sample, just for fit on two girls in the office. One 5’0″ and the other 5’7″ — both are wearing a small.

Check out the long crop fit for length. Cristina: 5'0" wearing a small Tasha: 5'7" wearing a small

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This top is available on Tilt for FIVE DAYS only, so if you like it, get it now by clicking here, so you don’t forget, and send me a sad email when we run out, you hoe. Follow @shoptotalsororitymove on Instagram to see our new shirts every week. Tag us on Instagram wearing your Shop TSM swag and you juuuust might get featured on Instagram.

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