What To Expect When You’re Expecting (A Little)

What To Expect When You're Expecting (A Little)

A Massive Increase Of Pinned Items And Midnight Runs To Michael’s

As reveal approaches, you’ll realize that all of the months of crafting and preparing were not sufficient in helping you to create a room as beautiful, or a reveal basked as awesome, as your little is. You want to make all of your pledge sisters pale in comparison to you and your spectacular crafting skills. Their offerings should look inadequate next to your mountain of gifts. So, where else will you turn but to Pinterest? Suddenly, you’ll be blowing up Pinterest, scouring through every crafting and sorority board for things to make and give to your little-to-be. You might wake up in the middle of the night, inspired by a dream about crafting or terrified by a nightmare about having nothing to give to your little, and you will make your roommate take midnight trips with you to the nearest crafting store to get all of the materials for you new creation. You may make a few enemies during this time, but all will be worth it for a happy little.

An Ungodly Credit Card Bill

Fueled by a crazed desire to overwhelm your little with all of the sorority crafts and gifts known to man, you will probably go on a spending binge. Not only will you shop like your life depends on it, but upon finding something spectacularly cute that you don’t own, you will also probably have to buy it for yourself, and for your big, and for your grand-big, and maybe even for your roommate. This is a special time in your life, and this “nesting” process is just part of adjusting to being a new big sister. When you get that exorbitant credit card bill, just block out the pain by celebrating your new addition with a couple of bottles of wine, and you will totally forget that spending hundreds of dollars on cheap crafting supplies doesn’t necessarily constitute good life choices. Make sure to be particularity nice to Daddy this month, because fathers tend not to understand these kind of things.

Glitter And Sequins Will Cover Every Ounce Of Your Room…And Body

During this time, you may begin to notice changes happening to your body, and by that, I mean you will be covered in more glitter than if you had rolled on the floor of a Ke$ha concert in 2010. Literally, from all of the insane crafting you will be doing, don’t be surprised if you are constantly sparkling. You’ll have glitter ingrained into the carpet of your floor, it will be in your tote bag, your hair, and stuck to your skin. It doesn’t matter how many times you vacuum or shower, you won’t be able to get rid of it. Only time can heal these things. Once the craze of big/little week has passed, hopefully the glitter will begin to subside.

Your Big Suddenly Gets Distant And Sad

This is definitely the hardest part of getting a little. Your big will probably be sad that it’s not just you and her anymore as you’re devoting so much time to someone else. You don’t want her to feel unloved, so make sure you take some time to let her know that even though you’re getting a little, she’ll always be your big. Your bond won’t change with the new addition. It may be a good idea to craft something special for her, or to go out for dinner together right before reveal if you have time. Definitely schedule a family dinner as soon as possible to welcome your new little into the fam and let your big and g-big know they are still loved.

She Will Probably Know It’s You On Reveal Day

So, you’re going to sacrifice a crazy amount of time that should be spent on things like homework and studying, to instead spend that time doing things you’ve convinced yourself are absolutely vital, such as shopping on Etsy, adding another layer of mod podge to a craft, baking cookies, and sneaking into the little one’s dorm to decorate it with streamers, signs, glitter, and balloons. You did it all to make this week as special as possible for your new addition. You and your besties have probably spent hours devising ways to throw your littles off, attempting to convince them that they didn’t get the bigs they wanted. Unfortunately, this is kind of pointless (albeit, fun for everyone) because littles are very clever and are as conspiratorial as their bigs are. They’ve all been comparing clues and know that your pledge class is trying to trick theirs. By revelation, she has already figured it out (plus if you were dirty littling her, she’s obviously known you were going to be her big for weeks). Don’t worry, she’ll act just as surprised and excited as if seeing you were a complete shock.

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