What Love At First Sight Feels Like From A Former Perpetually Single Girl


I was once like most of you: miserable, jaded, hopeless. I thought I’d never find this whole “true love” crap. Every Katherine Heigl movie I had ever seen had lied to me, and my “misunderstood independent cat lady” thing just wasn’t fast-tracking all the Gerard Butlers to my doorstep. You all know which movie I’m talking about–the one where the grade A asshole hunk finds himself in love and is suddenly transformed by the mystical powers of true love and isn’t an asshole anymore.

tumblr_mureeuwxdO1snzlfbo1_500Totally believable.

Yet one day in the midst of my She-Woman Man Hating Club ways, I was transformed by the wave of what I can only describe as love at first sight. I’m talking about heart eyes, chest pounding, speech impairing L-O-V-E. I know you’re thinking, “ew gross,” but hear me out as I take you through the most magical moment of one’s life.

Like any other day, I woke up in a groggy haze, took a shower, and reluctantly threw on a real bra despite having numerous clean sports bras. I had a flight home to visit my mom and catch a concert, so I grabbed the largest carry-on the airline allows, added a flick of mascara to yesterday’s makeup, and was on my way. I know what you’re thinking, and no, my one true love was not seated next to me on my flight. Upon landing, I immediately took my phone off airplane mode and waited patiently for the texts to roll in from various suitors. What did I receive? One text from my mom. I’m sure all my other texts got lost in some sort of airplane mode vortex.

I met my mom at the gate and headed to the bathroom to do something about the Sasquatch that stared back at me in the mirror. Ten minutes and a pathetic attempt at contouring later, I looked like a somewhat functioning human being. After successfully dodging any questions related to my GPA, not-boyfriends, and overdrawn bank accounts, it was about time for the concert.

Being a little bit early, I waited in line attempting not to sweat off all my makeup. After entering the venue successfully avoiding pit stains (thanks, Dove) there he was. There he stood before me: the man of my dreams, the father of my future children. This was it. Suddenly, all my resentment from past relationships was lifted, and I felt like a new person. This new person was a believer. A believer that anything could happen, that love is definitely real, and that I had just found it in this dark room full of sweaty people. Unsure of what to do next, I responded with what I felt most appropriate: I introduced myself with clammy palms, and snapped a picture to remember this moment forever to show our grandchildren later on. We locked eyes, and I knew he could feel it, too. Even though we may never see each other again, I will always look back and reminisce on that magical day. In hopes of locating my mystery man, I included his picture.

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True love is out there, and it can happen to you, too.

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